MONDAY, MAY 13, 2013

Call to Order

11:00 a.m.       Meeting called to Order by Supervisor Byrne Supervisor Byrne, Supervisor Wills, Asst. CAO Randall, Treasurer-Tax Collector Knoch, and Fiscal Officer Shinn are present.

Public Comment

Approval or additions/deletions to agenda
Motion by Treasurer-Tax Collector Knoch, seconded by Supervisor Wills to approve the agenda as submitted. Motion passed unanimously.

1. Proposal to review Classification of Watermaster.  Recommend either an appointed or Range and Step Position.  Recommend to reclassify Watermaster to higher Range and Step and/or Salary. (Watermaster)
Asst. CAO Randall states this goes back to when he was approved into this position.  The question is would this be a Step and Range position or an Appointed position.  He currently is at a Step and Range and would have been due for an increase last year, but it was felt that he should be at the increase of a Department Head which would be every three years. Discussion ensues on the topic. He was made the current Watermaster in July 2010 and he is currently at Range 204, Step A which is currently at $32,364/year.  Committee discusses changing this to a flat-rate position and be increased on the three year time frame. 

Supervisor Wills would like to see the job classification cleaned up with all of the qualifications listed, as well as seeing the qualifications of the employee to make sure he meets all of the qualifications.  Asst. CAO Randall reports he would be due for an evaluation next month, so they could do that before the increase.

Motion by Supervisor Wills, seconded by Treasurer-Tax Collector Knoch to table this item until they can get further documentation. Motion passed unanimously.

2. Proposal to create new position of Associate Engineer/Systems Analyst.  This would combine two current positions of Associate Engineer and Information Systems Analyst. (Roads)
Fiscal Officer Romesha and Deputy Road Commissioner Jacques are present.  Fiscal Officer Romesha states they have an Engineering Computer System that is not integrated with the County and some that are.  For the last year and half, Gene Morris has been given Administrative rights by IT and has been doing the IT work for Roads.  There has become more and more work involved and they would like to combine the Systems Analyst position with the Associate Engineer. 

Asst. CAO Randall asks if he would still work with IT Director Luna.  Definitely. 

Supervisor Wills asks if he has all of the qualifications for the job. Yes.  Including the IT part?  Yes, IT Director Luna is very comfortable with his abilities.  Supervisor Byrne reports that she received an email from IT Director Luna stating that he is comfortable with this proposal.  Supervisor Wills asks for clarification that they are seeking a $500 increase to his current salary.  It would be just over $500, yes.  He is not the Associate Engineer right now, he has been an Assistant Engineer for six years and has been doing Associate Engineer work and should have been promoted to that sometime ago; so they will be coming before the Board to ask to promote him to the Associate position. 

Supervisor Byrne is concerned about the extra 20% work.  Fiscal Officer Romesha reports that he has been doing this for a year and half now without any compensation and explains how she came up with the figure. 

Supervisor Wills feels like this is putting the cart before the horse, and that they should promote him to where he should be at before we make this new position. 

Fiscal Officer Shinn asks if he is working overtime right now.  He is putting in extra time right now, but has been doing it as either comp time or not claiming it.  Deputy Road Commissioner Jacques feels that he is taking on additional duties and that he should be compensated for it. 

Supervisor Byrne suggests creating this position, but that they do the promotion first and then ask to put him into the new position.

Motion by Treasurer-Tax Collector Knoch, seconded by Fiscal Officer Shinn to approve to create this position as requested. Motion passed unanimously.
Supervisor Wills states if he is a non-exempt employee and has been working out of class, he would recommend that they put in for the 5% out of class until this is straightened out.

3. Creation of three new positions within the Accounting Technician classifications.  Accounting Technician I (Range 155), Accounting Technician II (Range 213), Accounting Technician III (Range 223).
Fiscal Officer Romesha states there is a huge gap in the Accounting positions.  There are duties that they are asking of the Accounting Technicians that are above their duties, but they are not at the Fiscal Officer range.  She is suggesting that we create Accounting Technicians to fill in that gap.  Basically between this and the auditor's is the four year degree. She is proposing that they create these three positions for countywide use.

Supervisor Wills asks for clarification on the positions that anything above the Range 223 position should be a four-year degree.  Fiscal Officer Romesha states if they are above the Accounting Technician III then they could potentially move up to a Fiscal Officer position.  Fiscal Officer Shinn asks if she would promote an Accounting Technician III to a Fiscal Officer position then.  Maybe if they had the qualifications, but I wouldn't promote a current Account Tech to a Fiscal Officer.  We need something in between an entry level position and the Fiscal Officer position.  Discussion ensues on the topic of how this may affect the General Fund budgets.  After reviewing the allocation table it doesn't appear there will be a huge impact on the General Fund as there aren't a lot of Accounting Technicians.  Treasurer-Tax Collector Knoch states she will be comparing these positions to her staff's positions because she feels that they are underpaid.  Other departments may do the same as well, which could end up impacting the General Fund.  Clerk of the Board Wellemeyer states that other positions that were created recently have already triggered other departments to begin looking at their staff and making comparisons.

Supervisor Byrne recommends that we do this, but suggests that this go to all of the Department Heads for input before this goes before the whole Board for approval. 

Treasurer-Tax Collector Knoch agrees that we should have something more than an entry level position, because even her staff has nowhere to go and that needs to be looked at as well.  However, when looking at the budget it is hard to ask for more money.  Fiscal Officer Romesha feels the tiers will give them more motivation and something to work for.  Cleaning this up may end up helping the budget down the road as we will have people doing the job they are qualified and capable of doing.

Motion by Treasurer-Tax Collector Knoch, seconded by Asst. CAO Randall to approve to recommend to the Board that they create an Accounting Technician tier system. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Supervisor Wills, seconded by Treasurer-Tax Collector Knoch to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

12:07 p.m. Meeting Adjourned.

Stephanie Wellemeyer, Clerk