10:00 a.m. Call to Order

  Public Comment

  Approval or additions/deletions to agenda

  1. Approval of past committee minutes for November 13, 2014

  2. CalWORKS items:
  a. Requesting to reclassify the Support Services Administrator (SSA) to an Employment and Training Worker Supervisor II (ETWSII).

  b. Requesting to reclassify the Employment Specialist (ES) positions to Employment & Training Workers (ETW): I, II, III. (CalWORKS)

  3. Requesting to add parallel classifications to the Behavioral Health Specialist I, II, III, which would be Behavioral Health Peer Specialist I, II, III. (Behavioral Health)

  4. Social Services Items:
  a. Requesting to create the new position of Office Assistant Supervisor

  b. Salary Survey
  i. Account Clerk I, requesting Range 127 ($1,838-$2,357)
  ii. Account Clerk II, requesting Range 146 ($2,021-$2,579)
  iii. Account Clerk III, requesting Range 164 ($2,211-$2,822)
  iv. Account Technician, requesting Range 194 ($2,567-$3,277)
  v. Fiscal Officer, requesting Range 300-320 ($4,355-$6,143)
  vi. Eligibility Worker I, requesting Range 158 ($2, 145-$2,737)
  vii. Eligibility Worker II, requesting Range 177 ($2,358-$3,010
  viii. Eligibility Worker III, requesting Range 197 ($2,606-$3,326)
  ix. Eligibility Worker Supervisor, requesting Range 242 ($3,261-$4,162)
  x. Office Assistant II, requesting Range 130 ($1,865-$2,380)
  xi. Office Assistant III, requesting Range 150 ($2,061-2,630)
  xii. Office Assistant Supervisor (item 4.a.), requesting Range 196 ($2,593-$3,310)
  xiii. Social Worker I, requesting Range 206 ($2,724-$3,477)
  xiv. Social Worker II, requesting Range 225 ($2,996-$3,823)
  xv. Social Worker III, requesting Range 244 ($3,293-$4,204)
  xvi. Information Systems Technician requesting Range 185 ($2,454-$3,132)
  xvii. System Support Analyst, requesting Range 234 ($3,133-$3,999)
  xviii. Welfare Investigator II, requesting Range 274 ($3,825-$4,881)

  5. Public Health Items:
  a. Requesting to create a new Class Specification for Emergency Preparedness Training/Planning Coordinator (Range 295).

  b. Requesting to increase the pay range of Public Health Nurse (PHN) from Range 319 to a Range 349.
  c. Requesting to increase the pay range of Public Health Nurse Supervisor from Range 329 to Range 359.

  d. Requesting to create a Class Specification for a Health Services Specialist II (Range 231).

  6. Requesting to create new position of Assistant Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer. (Ag. Department)

  7. Treasurer- Tax Collector Items:
  a. Requesting to reclassify the Assistant Treasurer job class.

  b. Requesting to reclassify the Assistant Tax Collector job class.

  8. Road Department Items:
  a. Salary Survey Phase 1:
  i. Road Maintenance Worker I, requesting Range 182 ($2,418-$3,086)
  ii. Road Maintenance Worker II, requesting Range 202 ($2,671-$3,409)
  iii. Senior Road Maintenance Worker, requesting Range 209 ($2,766-$3,529)
  iv. Road Maintenance Supervisor, requesting Range 248 ($3,360-$4,287)
  v. Road Maintenance Superintendent, requesting Range 293 ($4,206-$5,368)
  vi. Auto & Equipment Mechanic I, requesting Range 207 ($2,738-$3,495)
  vii. Auto & Equipment Mechanic II, requesting Range221 ($2,936-$3,747)
  viii. Machinist/Auto & Equipment Mechanic, requesting Range 240 ($3,229-$4,121)
  ix. Auto & Equipment Supervisor, requesting Range 265 ($3,657-$4,668)

  b. Salary Survey Phase 2:
  i. Engineering Technician I, requesting Range 224 ($2,981-$3,805)
  ii. Engineer Technician II, requesting Range 247 ($3,343-$4,267)
  iii. Assistant Engineer, requesting Range 294 ($4,227-$5,395)
  iv. Associate Engineer/ System Analyst, requesting Range 304 ($4,443-$5,670)
  v. Deputy Road Commissioner, requesting Range 335 ($5,186-$6,618)
  vi. Road Department Fiscal Officer, requesting Range 283 ($4,001-$5,107)
  vii. Executive Secretary, requesting Range 195 ($2,580-$3,292)