204 S. Court Street


  10:00 a.m. Call to Order

  Pledge of Allegiance

  Moment of Prayer

  Public Comment

  Approval or Additions/Deletions to Agenda


  Department Head Reports

  a. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Respectfully request continuation of Disaster Proclamation that was ratified by the Board of Supervisors on March 11, 2014 due to the existence of extreme drought conditions. (Office of Emergency Services)

  2. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Adoption of and request to waive the second reading of an ordinance amending Title 15 of the Modoc County Code to add Chapter 15.04 “Small Residential Rooftop Solar Energy Systems”. (Building and Safety)

  3. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Adoption of and request to waive the second reading of an ordinance amending Title 2.20 of the Modoc County Code to consolidate the Office of the Assessor and the Office of Recorder. (County Counsel)

  4. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Respectfully request approval of budget modification increasing both expenditures and revenue for OES 001-2630 by $75,000 due to an increase in EMPG funding allocation. (Office of Emergency Services)

  5. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Respectfully request approval of a 5% out of class stipend for backfill of Interim Patrol Sergeant. (Sheriff Department)

  6. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Respectfully request authorization for the District Attorney to sign a contract agreement with Karpel Solutions in the amount of $24,300 (District Attorney)

  7. Information Technology Items:
  a. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Respectfully request authorization to sign quotes Q-00013130, Q-00012838 and vendor travel from Sungard Public Sector for a total of $24,860
  b. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Approval of a budget modification increasing expenditures for Data Processing 001-1650 by $24,860

  8. Social Services Items:
  a. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Requesting authorization to move from open to allocated on the Personnel Allocation Table the Eligibility Work I/II position; Range 142: Step A-F $1,981-$2,528
  b. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: If item a is approved authorization to advertise and fill the EW I/II positon with the ability to hire at Step A-F if an individual has demonstrated superior knowledge, experience, and is exceptionally qualified.

  9. Library Items:
  a. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Requesting approval of quote with McCombs Electric in the amount of $11,574.24 for lighting retrofit of the Library through the Pacific Power wattsmart Business incentive program.
  b. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Request finding of exemption from bidding requirement pursuant to County Code Sec 3.24.060 (b) (2) due to the EEA Pacific Power electrician certification requirement for use under the specified wattsmart Business incentive program.
  c. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Approval of a budget modification to increase: expenditures Library 500- by $7,716; revenues 500 by $6,576; expenditures Buildings and Grounds 001-1410 by $3,858; revenues $1,288

  10. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Requesting approval to fill the Deputy Clerk of the Board of Supervisors position based on qualifications and experience at Range 223 Step A-F $2,966- $3,786  (Clerk of the Board)

  11. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Approval of a budget modification to increase expenses Pit River 001-2410 by $5,280 for project coordinator assistance. (Public Works)

  12. CLOSED SESSION: Ca Government Code Section 54957.6: Conference with Labor Negotiator Mr. David Prentice and Pam Randall; Deputy Sheriff’s Association MOU. (County Counsel)

  13. CONSIDERATION/ACTION: Board of Supervisors adoption of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Deputy Sheriffs Association and County of Modoc December 1, 2015-November 31, 2018 (Administration)

  a. Public Comment
  b. Administrative Services Report
  c. Department Head Reports
  d. Board of Supervisors Reports


Parties with a disability as provided by the American Disabilities Act who require special accommodations or aides in order to participate in the public meeting should make the request to the County Clerk at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.